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What’s a person to do these days? COOK? – YES

We can’t go to the movies, can’t go to the beach, can’t get together with friends, can’t play bunco, or go out to eat etc., etc., etc.  I don’t like being told what I can’t do BUT it is helping us all to stay healthy and safe and will hopefully we’ll get through this sooner than later.

When I have spare time, and that’s all I have these days, I cook. I’d rather be in the kitchen cooking that just about anything else I do.

Most of my recipes aren’t easy; not hard either. Or, at least I don’t think they’re hard.  I’ve never met a recipe that I didn’t want to try. Well, maybe, I’ve never made a real petit four with the marzipan and the cute toppings. Maybe I will put that on my list of things to make while held up in my house. But, then whose going to eat those cute little things; I sure don’t want to be the one tempted. Those may have to wait until we are all back doing our normal things.

I decided to go though some of my recipes and give you some ideas of either something fun to make, maybe easy, and maybe something you just need to try because the dish is that good. Put some these ingredients on your “must have” list when you do your shopping.  Why not have an appetizer before your meal. I have some pretty easy ones; and makes your meal a little special to have a little bite first.

So, let’s start with a couple of my favorite “easier” appetizers.

This little Jalapeño Cocktail Pie Square can be an appetizer or even a brunch item and they freeze beautifully. I use to make these for parties I catered. I like them hot so I add more jalapeño. Make sure you squeeze out the thawed frozen broccoli.

Cheesy Bacon Caraway Bites was one of my first appetizers I did as a newlywed over 50 years ago. I know they look like those (barf) toast with something smeared on those party bread pieces but they are so much better and made with ingredients you probably have on hand. Cheese, bacon, butter, caraway seeds and melba toast. You could always make your own melba toast by drying out some bread in the oven.

I have to remind you where the name Rosemary and the Goat came from. This is the easier appetizer ever — goat cheese, rosemary and olive oil. 

So for some entrees either with meat or without; you can make these. I know you can do it. This Pesto Pasta with Peas can be a main dish served with a piece of protein or it can be a side dish. It can be served hot or cold. You can either follow the recipe for the pesto if you have those ingredients on hand or buy a jar of ready-made pesto. Quick and delicious dish.

These Spicy Honey Glazed Chicken Thighs are easy and can be done with bone-in or boneless thighs.  You pick the side; anything will go with this dish.

Beans, Greens, and Ham is something I threw together once and it was so delicious. If you have a ham bone in freezer there’s probably enough ham on it to make this dish or put one of those ham slices on your shopping list and you probably have some cans of great northern beans in your pantry.

Grown-Up Parmesan Fish Sticks would be a fun dinner to make for the kids and yourself.  If you have fish in the freezer, any kind will do and these are quick and easy.

Finally I’ll end with a dessert. These Peanut Butter Shadow Cookies have had over 31,000 views. When I normally make these I do not put the nuts on top and I use the melted chocolate chips instead of the Nutella spread for the swirl part of the recipe.

I just had to post this again even though it hasn’t been that long since I shared it.

So you don’t have to make the caramel sauce, but you do need to put the bacon “in” the Bacon Waffles with Ice Cream.  Use uncooked bacon and put it right on top of the batter before shutting the waffle iron. You can eat these waffles without the ice cream but if you really want a “fun” dinner top with vanilla ice dream. Syrup or no syrup, up to you.

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