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Blueberry Lemon Cake

Lemon and blueberry, great combination.

Blueberries and Lemon go hand in hand for a great flavor combination.

I’ve done a blueberry coffee cake before but I can’t say that this is a coffee cake. Put a big dollop of whipped cream beside it and it makes a great dessert. Serve it for brunch, lunch or dinner; you will enjoy it.

The only thing I did wrong with this cake was to over bake it. And, that’s my fault. I kept testing it and even though the recipe called to still have a few moist crumbs sticking to the cake tester I continued to bake it. I must have had a brain freeze for a moment or two.

I love making one layer cakes because there’s never a lot left over to tempt you to keep going back for more. Some cakes I have made live on in my freezer for a couple of months. They get cut into thin slices and wrapped for my husband’s sweet cravings.

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Cake/ Coffee Cakes/ Dessert

Fresh Peach and Raspberry Cake

Why can’t I leave a recipe alone?

Thanks Ina (Garten) for this recipe; and I decided to add in some raspberries, hope you don’t mind.

We got home from a weekend trip to Austin of seeing the kids and grandkids and as always the first thing I do is to flip on the computer.  I don’t know what I was looking for but, there staring me in the face is Ina Garten’s Fresh Peach Cake.

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before and I will probably mention it at least a gazillion times before I can let it go, but while we were in France our freezer shut off for no apparent reason and one of the things I lost was all the summer fruit I had picked (or bought) last summer and put up for future use.

If riding three hours back from Austin wasn’t enough work for the day, I decided to clean out the bottom freezer of my inside refrigerator. Lo and behold I found a package of my peaches and raspberries that were saved from that ghastly day everything decided to die in my outside freezer.

So, recipe – fruit — MAKE CAKE. I did Ina’s recipe exactly (I guess not exactly) but decided to use the raspberries along with the peaches; I do love the combination of those two fruits and it was delicious and beautiful.

I’m serving this tonight for dessert with a soup that I threw together with a bunch of other stuff I cleaned out of the freezer.  The soup may not be worth keeping around for leftovers, but I know the cake will be delicious and hey, I still have some of that Blue Bell Homade vanilla ice cream that is waiting around for someone to eat it.

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