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Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake

Cheap 2Mg Xanax Online One delicious beautiful cheesecake. Over Thanksgiving my daughter Alexis wanted to make this cheesecake to take to a family dinner. She had a great looking recipe and we decided to make two; one for her and one for us. I’m so glad we did, it was absolutely delicious; smooth, creamy and just the right amount of sweetness.

I’ve never been a fan of pumpkin pie. I make it almost every year and maybe one or two pieces are eaten and then the garbage disposal gets the rest. That did not happen with this dessert. It’s still around a few days later and getting eaten. I think I’m going to freeze slices for hub so he can enjoy it when he’s whining for something sweet; he doesn’t really whine though. Grandson, Thomas was on hand to help stir. He told me when he arrived at our house that he wanted to learn to cook; music to this Grans ears. Thanks Thomas for your help and you can come cook in Grans kitchen anytime you want. Continue Reading…

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Pink Lemonade Cake Buy Cheap Carisoprodol Online What’s so special about pink lemonade? What so special about pink lemonade? Well, it most certain isn’t made from pink lemons. I’ve never seen one. Have you? But you have to admit that an ice filled glass of the pink liquid seems a little more special than the yellow variety.

Order Valium If you were making homemade pink lemonade you might crush (and strain) some raspberries, cranberries or strawberries and add just enough of the juice to give you the light pink color you want in a glass of pink lemonade. Pink is a relaxing color. Studies have shown that people associate the color pink with sweetness.  Maybe that’s why when I had a daughter (after two sons) I dressed her in a lot of pink; just because she was so sweet I’m sure. Continue Reading…

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Lemon Coconut Cake Lemon and coconut, two of my favorite flavors.

Buy Roche Diazepam Uk It’s been a while since I baked something to take to my craft circle. I got busy doing other things (like walking) and baking took a back seat.

So, what’s up with the walking? I’ve never been a walker. I don’t like walking around the block — too many critters that may jump out at me, I may trip on a rock and break my foot (again) or some kid may speed around the corner on his bike and knock me on my butt and that would be embarrassing. I use to say I’d rather ride my bike ten miles than walk one mile. Continue Reading…

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Blueberry Lemon Cake Lemon and blueberry, great combination.

Blueberries and Lemon go hand in hand for a great flavor combination. I’ve done a blueberry coffee cake before but I can’t say that this is a coffee cake. Put a big dollop of whipped cream beside it and it makes a great dessert. Serve it for brunch, lunch or dinner; you will enjoy it. The only thing I did wrong with this cake was to over bake it. And, that’s my fault. I kept testing it and even though the recipe called to still have a few moist crumbs sticking to the cake tester I continued to bake it. I must have had a brain freeze for a moment or two. I love making one layer cakes because there’s never a lot left over to tempt you to keep going back for more. Some cakes I have made live on in my freezer for a couple of months. They get cut into thin slices and wrapped for my husband’s sweet cravings. Continue Reading…

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Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate cake?

I attempted to make what was suppose to be a wonderful chocolate bundt cake for my friend’s, (Gordon) birthday. It was from a Paris blog that I have followed for years but I have to say the results were disappointing and in fact the driest chocolate cake I have ever made. What had attracted me to this recipe was the shape of the bundt pan. Did I need another pan in my pantry, heck no. But, do I want one? Of course.

Cheap Valium Online India When I mention chocolate cake to my son Paul, we always get a laugh. Seems like because my grandfather loved chocolate cake with canned syrupy peaches on the side my grandmother got it in her head that was Paul’s favorite dessert and anytime we went back to Missouri for a visit she always had a chocolate cake waiting for him and even though he didn’t even touch any kind of fruit back then (especially canned peaches) she had canned peaches chilled in the refrigerator. Believe it or not the peaches were good with the cake. These days if I could get my hands on a good fresh peach I’d be eating it besides my chocolate cake. Continue Reading…

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Snowball Cake Winter might be over, but…. Winter may be over but this Snowball Cake can be served at any Spring or Summer dinner. No, it isn’t made from snow but looks like a big pan of soft fluffy ingredients and you won’t get “brain freeze” like we use to from eating snow cream.

This dessert was one of my mother’s favorites that she would make for us. I guess it is named “snowball” because of the color of the cake. I don’t remember if she made the angel food cake from scratch or from a box but it’s great no matter what kind of angel food cake you use. Put angel food cake in any dessert and it lightens the calories by half. (That’s what I’m guessing and that’s probably not true.) I didn’t use the Dream Whip that my mother’s recipe called for but opted for whipping cream. When I make a dessert I want it to be delicious and luscious and have you wanting more, Dream Whip doesn’t do that for me, ya just gotta use the real stuff.

Order Xanax Online Canada My sister and I had changed my mother’s Dream Whip in this dessert to Cool Whip which is better than Dream Whip but then neither is as good as a carton of rich cream, sweetened a little and whipped up into a light fluffy cloud of goodness. Continue Reading…

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Super Juicy Yogurt Raspberry Gugelhupf a la Jeanny So what’s a gugelhupfform anyway? Well, a gugelhupf is a cake made in a gugelhupfform pan and what is that pan? Well it’s a German made pan that pre-dates the American bundt pan. The Gugelhupf pan is usually shallower than our bundt and the flutings are at an angle, producing a swirl effect. Mine happens to be mini pans, 12 little beautiful swirled pans.

Soma 350 Mg For Sale A Gugelhupf is a light, yeasted marble cake baked in a circular bundt mold but so many recipes I found were nothing more than bundt cakes. Bottom line, I had this $34 pan that I had purchased at Williams Sonoma when I worked there and with a 40% discount, I paid not much at all and if it was on sale then I paid next to nothing for the pan. The fluid design of the edges allows for more surfaces of the cake to get browned, and allows more heat to penetrate into the cake for uniform cooking. After sitting in my pan pantry almost a decade, it’s finally getting used. I didn’t want to use just any ole recipe for this German named pan so to the internet I went searching for gugelhupf recipes. Like I said most turned out to be nothing more than a bundt recipe and I didn’t want a yeasted cake because I was afraid it would taste more like a bread than a cake. So, after strolling the internet for about 30 minutes I came upon this beautiful Yogurt Raspberry Gugelhupf made by Jeanny.

Continue Reading…

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Brown Sugar Heath Pound Cake Full of toffee bits and pecans.

Even though I’m not eating many desserts these days, I couldn’t pass up a taste of this cake.

Are you one those people that just wants a “taste” or “one bite” of dessert. That’s me. I have to admit that if it is chocolate then I have a hard time not finishing it, but if it someone else’s desserts (and I hate eating off of someone else’s plate) then it’s easy to say one bite is enough.

Posting dessert recipes on my blog usually fall into one of these categories — cakes, pies, tarts, DESSERTS, and cookies. To me, dessert is anything that isn’t a cake, pie, tart or cookie like something smooth and gooey or something like my Orange Tian which is a sable cookie put into a small tart pan then topped with blood orange and navel orange segments (beautiful) a whipped cream mixture and homemade marmalade. It was one of the prettiest desserts I have ever made and I need to make that again because when I made it the first time I didn’t eat even one bite. Everyone loved it and husband gave it two thumbs up; so I need to make it again because I’m never passing up “just one bite” of anything I make again — diet or no diet.

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Pumpkin Walnut Squares

Buy Cheap Xanax From India Pumpkin Cake, Bar, or Square — Good thing!

Who doesn’t need one more pumpkin recipe for the holidays? When I found this recipe I wasn’t really looking for another cake recipe but decided to give it a try and I took it to craft circle to my expert tasters. I have to omit that I did not try it because I’m still on this diet. But, I got thumbs up from everyone that tried the cake and it was gone long before we broke for lunch.

Now, I wish I had tried the cake. I’ve done this before, on a diet, make something delicious and won’t try it. That’s crazy and I need to change and at least take a bite of the desserts I make.

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Julia’s Berry Clafoutis So what is a clafoutis anyway?

You should make this while you can still get those beautiful, juicy summer berries.

A clafoutis is a French baked dessert of fruit, traditionally black cherries that are arranged in a buttered dish and covered with a batter that is somewhere between a cake and custard. And, when it is dusted with that messy but breathtaking delicious powdered sugar it makes a dessert that you want to hide away from everyone and keep it all for yourself.

If the dish contains anything other than the traditional cherry then it is supposed to be called a flaugnarde. But, if “clafoutis” is good enough for Julia Childs, who am I to argue with a name.

Several years ago I made an Almond Cherry Clafoutis and have made it several times since. The consistency of my Cherry Clafoutis was definitely between a custard and cake but this recipe of Julia’s is more cake-like that mine.

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Vienna Sacher Torte

Can You Buy Carisoprodol Online I didn’t have to go to Vienna to try this cake.

These are the post cards I got from my friend, so I just had to try the cake.

I have a friend, Janet who just spent ten days in Austria with her granddaughter, Sarah, who is in school there for the year studying engineering. I loved getting emails and text from her with their iternary and what they were eating every day.

So on to one of her desserts of the day. I’ve heard of sacher torte for years but never made it. But after getting a post card from Janet with this dessert and the picture of her and her granddaughter Sara eating it. I knew I had to make it and what better reason than another dessert to take to a bunch of ladies who love to try the things I make — good or bad. Usually I don’t take the “flops”, they go in the trash.

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Mini Double Chocolate Berry Cakes

Good things come in small packages.

Good things do come in small packages. If a person with normal cravings is served a large piece of chocolate cake what do you think they would do? Maybe eat the whole thing or eat just a few bites then wish later they had finished the cake. I know I don’t want to go to bed with chocolate regrets knowing that if I had finished that cake I would be completely satisfied.

You can finish this cake and not have any guilt feelings about eating too much even though you cleaned your plate because this is a tiny 4-5 bite serving.

Just how many chocolate things do I like? Well, I have to start with Tootsie Rolls, then chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake, Milk Duds in my movie popcorn, chocolate pot de creme, York Peppermint Patties (one of my favorites), chocolate cheesecake, chocolate bread; you name it if it is chocolate I’m going to like it.

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