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Roast Beef Rose Tea Sandwich

Sweet little rose sandwiches for Christmas!

I love having tea at different places and after visiting tea at the Fairmont Hotel in Victoria, Canada and then again at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island and many other places I still prefer my tea sandwiches and savories. I usually want things a little less traditional than a pimento or chicken salad sandwich or smoked salmon on pumpernickel bread and it is so much fun coming up with beautiful food for a tea party.

If you need a little appetizer over the holidays, here’s one that was a tea favorite at a friends tea we did this fall.

I love little bites of food and I think it is more fun to graze on a lot of little finger foods than to sit down with a big plate full of food. And this was the perfect little tea sandwich — a lightly toasted baguette topped with some horseradish sauce, arugula leaves and a roast beef rose. How much easier can it get.

For this particular little appetizer I bought 4-5 slices of deli roast beef cut very thin but just thick enough to hold together. The slices were cut into thin strips and then carefully rolled up to look like a rose. My friend, Linda, made these roses the day before the tea and then the day of the tea I toasted some baguettes lightly topped with the horseradish cream and the arugula looked like cute little leaves sticking out from under the roast beef rose.

I’m sure you’re always looking for a quick app to have and if you are like me, you almost always have some baguettes in the freezer. There’s always horseradish and either sour cream or some creme fraiche in my refrigerator so for me this is the easiest appetizer I’ve ever made.

Not sure if you have seen this; but when I use to cater I made these Turnip Roses all the time to decorate platters. Almost the same as making the rose sandwich but you are working with smaller pieces and wrapping one on top of the other then connecting all with a bunch of toothpicks.

BLAST FROM THE PAST: One more idea for a garnish for your Xmas platters/trays (and the kids will love this) is my Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

After lightly toasting a baguette (I brushed with olive oil) we put a leaf on each end (two leaves) of the bread. Top with some of the horseradish sauce and then put the little roast beef roast on top and serve.

The cornucopias were made by wrapping puffed pastry strips around metal cone forms (I have all kinds of forms and these were great for the fall look) and filled with a dried cherry chicken salad. The cucumber sandwiches are a “sweetie pepper” cut to look like a little heart garnish. All delicious.

We had Chambord in champagne glasses and topped with prosecco. Garden you tube videos running on the tv behind the glasses.

Egg salad wrapped in smoked salmon on baguette slice, mushroom pies and a goat cheese tart with blackberry garnish were some of the other tea foods we served.

The only think I didn’t make on this tray were the macarons. I’ve made them before but didn’t want to spend that much time on desserts. These key lime cookies were the best cookie and the little brownie bites with espresso buttercream were great too. The lemon cake with blueberries rounded out the dessert trays.

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