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Shrimp pie

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Layered Shrimp Pie

Great make-ahead appetizer for holiday parties.

Merry Christmas everyone and here’s a little appetizer you can plan for your New Year’s Eve celebration.

I remember my first shrimp appetizer I made as a newly wed. And, it wasn’t as delicious as this shrimp pie. My early years of marriage, I’m sure like most people’s, was full of quick little appetizers because most of us didn’t know how to cook and a fancy canapé might have been a Ritz cracker with some Cheese Whiz.

One of my first appetizers was taking a block of cream cheese and covering it with “gasp” canned shrimp and topping it with a bottle of chili sauce. Did you ever do the Pickapeppa sauce on cream cheese. Now, that’s still one I enjoy making.

Appetizers have always been one of my favorite things to make for myself and also for parties I cater. I love having a freezer full of leftover appetizers that I can pull out on a moment’s notice and come across as the perfect little wife. That’s funny because I’m so far from being perfect.

I decided to make this at the last minute for our bunco group in December. I had all the ingredients and this appetizer is fast to throw together with a lot of taste. It does have chili sauce in it but a lot of other tasty things. I hope you will add this to your collection of recipes to try out for your next party.

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