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Sauteed red cabbage

Side dish

Savory Cabbage with Caraway

Beautiful cabbage to go with your dogs!

So, what do you do on a day you don’t want to cook?  I had a busy morning shopping at a second hand kid’s store (twice). Then after getting home I couldn’t wait to mail the things off, so my third trip out for the day was to the post office so get the new purchases in the mail.

I emptied my refrigerator of all the 4th of July leftovers; I can only take looking at old food for so many days and then I feel like the refrigerator needs to be purged of it’s contents.

I just happened to have some Italian “hot” sausages in the freezer so I threw them on my magic defrosting tray which is a Wilton Armetale grill tray. When I was working at Williams Sonoma we sold these trays and one day I decided to look up what else to use the tray on other than grilling.  One suggestion was to thaw your frozen foods on it. Don’t ask me how this works but it does. Put a piece of frozen food on it and in less than two hours it will be thawed.  If you have ANY Armetale, try it, it make work with all their pieces and it may be because it is made up of many kinds of metals and it absorbs the cold. Believe me, it works.

After getting the sausages thawed on my tray I knew I had some red and green cabbage left from the 4th so I found some recipes from Rachael Ray, Ina Garten, and Martha Stewart and I came up with this variation.

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