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pulled pork tacos

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Pulled Pork Tacos

Another use for pulled pork from that summer bar-b-q.

Can you believe summer is here (and half over) and after all the nice spring weather and all that rain we had back in May, it is now hot as blazes here in Texas. We are into July and August is looking like a really hot month. We are building an outdoor kitchen (which has been a long process to even get started) and I know we are going to enjoy it; now I want some cooler weather so I even want to sit outside. With fans for the summer and heaters for the cooler months, we will be able to do even more cooking outdoors.

Who doesn’t love tacos? Fish tacos have become one of my favorites and I have a salmon belly taco recipe I’m wanting to try this summer using some salmon my husband caught in Alaska. This pulled pork taco is just another recipe to use up some leftover pulled pork you might have leftover from the 4th of July.

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