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Egg Dishes/ Morning Foods

Breakfast Stuffed Potato

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, this will fill you up.

I know I’m always saying that breakfast is my least favorite meal of the day and it still is and that’s why I’m always looking for something special to make on the weekends. If you eat this potato for breakfast you probably won’t be that hungry at lunch but that’s ok; that’s reason enough for me to eat my favorite lunch of cottage cheese and boiled egg and tomato.

This past week we were in Austin babysitting our 2 year old grandson, Thomas. Talk about a cutie pie, just to hear him say the work “snack” and they way he draws that word out brings a smile to my face; and like his Gran, he loves cottage cheese. He uses it as a dip on his favorite water cracker.

I remember when he was younger (that’s not too long ago) he would eat salmon roe with his little fingers and eat all kinds of things I probably wouldn’t eat. This week I had a list of things to prepare while his mom and dad were vacationing; things like lamb meat balls, cheese, eggs, all kinds of fruits, empanadas that mom made and put in the freezer and he loves his bread. On Fridays at school he makes challah and when he came home with his little bag the first thing he says is “my challah”. Everything that week was “my…” , “my helicopter in the sky”, “my truck”, “my bus” (the real ones) and when he saw a picture of his mom and dad it was “my momma” and “my dadda”.

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Egg Dishes/ Morning Foods

Eggs Baked in Cream Gravy with Bacon

Eggs, Bacon and Gravy, what more could you ask for.

Recently I was looking through a stack of food magazines tearing out recipes before the magazines got trashed. I saw a recipe in Southern Living magazine for Creamy Baked Eggs with herbs.

This particular recipe was baked in cream and herbs and got me thinking that wouldn’t gravy be a lot better tasting than just cream. I’m thinking a nice thin milk gravy made with bacon drippings, of course, would be so good with the eggs and then a good sprinkling of crumbled bacon and maybe some fresh chives and parsley. Then all this goodness could be scooped up and put on a big biscuit square.

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Egg Dishes/ Morning Foods

Egg and Pesto Stuffed Tomatoes

Colorful egg dish for your next brunch.

I saw this recipe on and decided I must try it for Sunday brunch and I took some liberties with the recipe. I decided to add some meat (fried chopped pancetta) and basil pesto to the bottom of the tomato before adding the egg and also some Parmesan cheese. If you aren’t following the paleo lifestyle (I’m not) feel free to add some grated cheddar or Swiss to the top before baking.

I cringe at the thought of scrambled eggs for breakfast. Sometimes my husband will ask for them (if he doesn’t do them himself). I refuse to put butter in a skillet, melt it, and throw in a couple of eggs and call it done; those taste like the eggs you might be served in a hospital. If I am forced to do scrambled eggs, I will start by sauteing a little green onion and maybe some bell pepper and mushrooms and then throw in those beaten eggs and do a soft scramble.

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