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Bacon Grits

Morning Foods/ Side dish

Bacon and Tomato Cheese Grits

Kiss my grits! (As Flo would say)

In case you don’t know who Flo is she was a waitress in the sitcom “Alice” many, many years ago. Can’t say that was a favorite show of mine but I can’t forget her telling people to “kiss my grits”.

Back in April I took a trip to Savannah with my twin sister and two friends from high school, Pauletta and Judy. We had such a great time and can’t wait to get together again. Funny, one of Pauletta’s walking friends asked her what she was going to talk to friends about that she had not seen for 40 years. Well, we never quit talking. It was fun reliving the past, hearing about everyone’s grandkids, and what the future holds for all of us.

Did we ever eat some good food while there! What is it about a “Southern” menu that you will always find shrimp and grits, fried green tomatoes and some good pimento cheese in with all your menu items making it even harder to decide what to order. I can’t pass up grits, I can’t pass up pimento cheese and I certainly can’t pass up trying someone’s fried green tomatoes. I had a great stack of tomatoes on our last day there that I can’t wait to try to recreate.

When we toured the Mercer House we heard stories about when Jim Williams lived there (remember the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and he was accused of murder) and the parties he would give and one of his favorite things his caterer Lucille Wright (the most sought after caterer in Savannah) would make was shrimp and grits and pumpkin cornbread. I may be giving that pumpkin cornbread a try in the Fall so keep a lookout for it.

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Side dish

Bacon Cheddar Green Chili Grits

Braggadocio grits with bacon.

Last time we were back home my sister’s cousin-in-law, Kaye (McKaskle Family Farms) gave me some of their new products. I have tried their popcorn cornmeal and popcorn, and their rices, but now they have their very own mill to grind their polenta and grits. I’m always excited to try new products and products made by someone I know makes it even more special.

I didn’t get to see the mill on this visit but will the next time we are up that way.

I’m going to do another give away for a bag of their polenta, and popcorn corn meal (I used all my grits, so sorry about that). All you have to do is leave any kind of note below in the “comments” section and at the end of two weeks I will draw a name and will mail you the products to try. The first thing you have to try is to make my popcorn cornmeal muffins. They are great.

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