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Pumpkin Bacon Spread

Ok, I know what you are thinking — PUMPKIN AGAIN.

I promise, I promise, this is the last pumpkin recipe this year. I told you I couldn’t get all the pumpkin recipes posted before December.

So, if you have a jar of pumpkin butter left over from Thanksgiving, you just have to give this a try. Years ago when I worked at Williams Sonoma I often was in charge of doing the “tastings” during my shift, which meant I was trying to talk people into buying the things I was cooking even if they didn’t know they really needed to buy those products.

I remember the first time I was told to make this pumpkin dip. I thought it sounded terrible. And, I have liked salty and sweet taste together since I was a kid and dipped potato chips into soft serve ice cream. After making this several times and people immediately snatching up a jar of the pumpkin butter I decided to give it a try and I absolutely loved the taste of the salty bacon with the sweet pumpkin butter and throw in some cream cheese and green onions and spread on a crunchy cracker and it was on my list of things to “sell” when I worked. I knew if I could get people to taste it, they would be buying the pumpkin butter.

Trader Joe’s sells pumpkin butter for around $3 and most stores are going to carry it and it will probably be under $5 which still makes for a very inexpensive appetizer for the holidays or just anytime you want a quick spread to serve to friends. Hope you will give this a try.

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Looking for a hearty meal for these cooler/colder months. Try my Osso Bunco.


Anything with bacon on it has to be good.


Can’t you just smell that bacon frying.


Mash the cream cheese out about 1/2-3/4″ thick.


Cover the cream cheese with pumpkin butter.


Cover the pumpkin butter with the crumbled fried bacon, the more the better.


Cover bacon with thinly sliced green onions.


Serve with crackers of your choice. I personally like wheat thins and Triskets the best.

Pumpkin Bacon Spread
Sweet, salty and good any time of the year.
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  1. 1 jar pumpkin butter
  2. 4-6 slices bacon, fried and crumble3d
  3. 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese
  4. 6 green onions, thinly sliced
  5. Crackers (Wheat thins and Triskets are the best IMO)
  1. Take the cream cheese and mash out to a circle or oval and put on serving platter.
  2. Top the cream cheese with half of the pumpkin butter or enough to totally cover the cheese.
  3. Top the pumpkin butter with the crumbled bacon and then the green onions.
  4. Serve with crackers and enjoy.
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