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Sweet Potato Mash

Side dish

Rosemary Potato Swirl

Just in time for Thanksgiving.

Every Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember I ask the same question of my family — sweet potatoes or mashed? And every year I get the same answer — BOTH. So that got me to thinking about the time my son, Paul, mixed the two potatoes and how yummy they were. Thanksgiving came quick this year and if you are looking for a pretty side dish for the holidays or a special occasion try this.

What makes this dish so special is the browned butter, the ginger root, roasted garlic and the fresh rosemary. Well, I guess that’s practically the whole list of ingredients. What makes this dish so beautiful is that the potatoes get mashed separately and then gently folded together leaving streaks of orange and white potatoes swirled together.

I’ve been roasting sweet potatoes for years with rosemary and olive oil and they are fantastic prepared that way, but I have  to admit that there is something about the creaminess of a bowl of mashed potatoes that is so comforting even if you know you shouldn’t be eating them.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Thanks for continuing to come to my blog.

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