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Smoked Salmon Spread

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Salmon Martinis ??

A new use for those martini glasses.

My favorite party to cater has always been a cocktail party. I’m always on the look for new and interesting ideas for finger foods and if you ever need any ideas for finger foods, take a look at my appetizer section here on the blog.

A friend of mine gave me these beautiful martini glasses one year for Christmas. Of course I made martinis in them, what else would they be used for????

I have used them many times for nuts, dips, even as small vases for flowers, and this great little smoked salmon spread. For a golden wedding anniversary I catered I used this gold netty stuff to surround the martini glasses and then I used the different glasses to hold the mousse (see pickled ginger rose and bell pepper star garnish), the chopped eggs, red onions and capers. The glasses made such a beautiful presentation.

Dig out some of those beautiful glasses you may have and use them for something other than a cocktail. You can take a recipe as simple as this salmon spread or any spread and make it look so enticing just by the way you present it.

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