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Salsa for Grilled Fish

Entree/ Fish/Seafood

Asian Salmon with Avocado, Orange and Cucumber Salsa

This salsa good with any kind of fish.

Back in the summer (can you believe that is behind us now) we had friends over for dinner and we grilled salmon. I feel like “I” need to start cooking more because seems like my husband is always cooking the main course on one of the grills. My contributions recently have been the sides and desserts.

When it comes to “outdoor” cooking he’s been doing it for years, but three years ago when I had knees replaced, he started cooking inside and for a few weeks made me breakfast in bed, lunch and dinner. I’m feeling like he’s passing me in the culinary department so I need to step up my game to compete with him.

So, the night of the dinner party, he grilled the salmon which we sprinkled with Strawberry’s BBQ seasoning (doesn’t taste like bbq though) and I made a salsa with orange, avocado and cucumber along with some basmati rice with green onions and lemon. I love citrus salsas with fish and they are great with fish tacos too.

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