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Salmon Tacos

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Grilled Salmon Tacos with Schirarch Cream

 Believe it or not this recipe started out to be Cherry Kuchen Bars for Valentines Day.

Have you ever been in a maze and wondered if you would ever get out? I’ve always wanted to try to walk through a maze but it would be my luck I would get lost and as short as I am would not be able to jump up so someone would see me. Laying down a trail of popcorn would be an option to help find my way out but then I’ve got this thing about popcorn and might not actually drop any on the ground to mark my path; I might be lost but at least I would not be hungry.

Sometimes I feel like I’m in a maze when I look around on the internet. An example would be how I found this recipe. I started out reading a foodblogging site on different ways to make your blog better. From that site, I clicked on a link, was taken to another link, I looked around there, found a lemon bar recipe which had my mouth-watering. Then I wanted to see where she got the recipe so I clicked on her link which took me to Dear Crissy’s website where she posted her version of Cherry Kuchen bars which is a recipe her mom clipped from Better Homes and Gardens Xmas issue. Whewwww….. I’m tired just thinking of all that clicking and my fingers are beginning to get sore.

Lucky for me I had the “back” button on the computer so I could work my way back through the maze of sites to the original post I was looking at. I’ve learned if I get to a site I like, I’d better bookmark it because I’m probably not going to find it again. But, guess what happened, on my way “backing” out of the maze I had gotten myself in, I came back to one of the original sites WillowBird Baking and her Salmon Tacos popped up. Now, they sounded a lot more interesting than a cherry bar.

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