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Raspberry Nutella Gelato

Hazelnut chocolate and raspberries make the perfect combination for this gelato.

I’ll never forget the first time we had gelato. We were in Italy with friends and we knew we would be seeing gelato stands on just about every corner of any town we were visiting. Kind of like Starbucks or back in the day when there was a gas station or beauty shop on just about every corner in our home town.

Well, once we tried gelato, we found ourselves eating it at LEAST once a day if not twice on some days. I loved the little spoons that came along with the gelato. I think my favorite flavor was pistachio. I’m sure between the six of us, we tried just about every flavor offered.

Nutella was also something I had not tried before. While in Italy we were served Nutella for breakfast with crusty breads. Since coming back from Italy I have tried it on top of waffles, made a Nutella Cherry Dumpling, filled won ton wrappers with Nutella (fried, and powdered sugar them), filled strawberries with Nutella but I have never been tempted to just eat it out of the jar with a spoon.

I was watching Giada at Home the other day and she was making Nutella Gelato and I deceided to make my own version. I added in the crushed raspberries just as the ice cream was almost finished churning. I also changed the whipping cream to Half and Half.

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