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Fried Smashed Potatoes with Lemon Thyme

I don’t think I ever met a potato I didn’t like.

I was laying in bed this morning watching one of my favorite FoodTv chefs, Giada and she was making everything with lemons. I sit out on my deck each evening admiring all the blooms on my Myer Lemon Tree and I swear there are at least a million blooms on this tree this Spring and I’m envisioning what kind of things I will be able to make with the beautiful lemons come fall.  Even with all these blooms I will probably only get about 20 lemons. Never figured that out but I appreciate each and every one I get off this tree.

I have a fabulous herb garden this year and am anxious to try my lemon thyme and parsley in this dish. I love potatoes, and who doesn’t. This is a great recipe that would be oh so good for summer cookouts.  And, believe it or not, it is so much fun smashing these little potatoes with your hands.

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