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Beef/Veal/ Entree

Mexican Cornbread

Yummm, Mexican cornbread topped with salsa, guacamole and a side of coleslaw!

This morning I woke up to the news that we are getting down in the low 20’s here in Texas in the next couple of days. I’m sure that to most of you that isn’t cold at all, but here in Texas the 40’s feel pretty cold when you aren’t use to it. My husband is outside covering all the pipes and plants and I sure hope I don’t lose the rest of my herbs tonight. So tonight would be a good night for some cornbread.

I love all kinds of cornbread. My dad use to do one with “cracklins”, fresh corn and jalapenos. It was wonderful and my dad taught my husband to make it so now that is one of my husband’s specialities (that and his white beans with ham and country style ribs). A lot of Texans like a sweeter type cornbread, almost cakelike but it doesn’t even compare to the kind of cornbread we grew up eating. I always loved the way my mother and grandmother made those cute little corn sticks that were so crunchy on the outside. I remember how gross I thought it was when my grandfather would take a freshly baked piece of cornbread and crumble it up in his buttermilk that was so thick it was in clumps when it was poured out of the carton.

I have some of those little corn stick pans plus some that will make cactus shapped cornbread and teeny tiny corn sticks and also my favorite cast iron wedge pan that makes individual wedges. I haven’t used my corn stick pans in a while so a pot of beans may be on the horizon so I have an excuse to make cornbread again.

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