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Marinated Slaw


Marinated Slaw

A Mamaw recipe.

I have posted plenty of slaw recipes here. Cole Slaw and just Slaw. We’ve had that discussion before about whether something is a cole slaw or just plain old slaw.

Mamaw was my sister’s husband, Gary’s, grandmother. I remember meeting her maybe just once but I have been cooking some of recipes for 45 years now. Wow, that really says something about those old recipes that get passed down in families. The only recipe for Banana Bread that I will ever make is Mamaw’s. I’m not even related to Mamaw’s but I can imagine the dinners she use to cook for all her family.

I think slaws can go with just about any type of meal. I made this Marinated Slaw one night with bar-b-q pork steaks that my husband does; and he does the best ones ever. We have them cut over 1″ thick and he smokes them on the Kamoto Joe Smoker. I did baked sweet potato slices with a rosemary butter drizzled over top, and of course, deviled eggs.  We can never have bbq without deviled eggs.

The best thing about this slaw other than the sweet/sour taste and the crunch is the fact that it will last over a month in the refrigerator.  Now you don’t have to throw out all those other coleslaw/slaws the next day because they are soggy.

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