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jalapeno potato salad

Side dish/ Vegetables

Jalapeno Potato Salad

Some like it hot!

A roasted red pepper makes the perfect vessel for this potato salad. This may look like an ordinary potato salad but it has a lot of punch.

I know, we are having hot enough days as it is this summer and why make anything a little bit hotter.  BUT, it is summer and you just have to make potato salad once this summer even if you are trying to get into that swimsuit. You aren’t going to eat the whole bowl and a small serving of anything isn’t going to kill you.

Have you ever thought of all the things you can do with a potato. It has to be the most versatile vegetable ever. It is made into all kinds of dishes that are fried, baked, boiled, steamed, broiled, hashed, torted and even stamped (?). The potato is made into all kinds of chips, different shaped fries and even potato flour. They can be the star of a pot of potato soup or just have a supporting roll in a big pot of stew. Gnocchi is a great main dish and it is totally made of potatoes.

You can make vodka from a potato. A slice of potato will take away your puffy eyes. A potato can cure warts, help you sleep, relieve a headache, clean rusty knives, remove stains and I’m sure a million other uses. Hey, it’s the miracle vegetable.

As a kid I remember cutting a design into the bottom of a potato and using it as a stamp with an ink pad to make beautiful patterns on paper. Seems like we made do with what we had because we didn’t have all the nice craft stores to shop at like we do now.

You kind of wonder what more can be done with a potato that we don’t even know about. A potato contains no fat and 80% water. Now, how can that hurt us. I guess it is what we have done to the potato that makes it bad for us.

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