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Fig and Cheese Bruschetta

Figs and Blue cheese – Yum!

What a easy and delicious little appetizer to serve at your summer parties.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone and happy birthday to my daughter, Alexis.

I’m always looking for recipes that are easy to throw together on a moments notice and this recipe is perfect for a last minute appetizer. I don’t find many things hard to make so sometimes If I say easy to throw together, I hope I’m not too far off and, you can make changes to this one and still have a tasty bite. (see note below)

Appetizers are by far my favorite things to make. I always loved catering cocktail parties because of all the fun little tidbits I could make for the guests to try. There’s just something I like better about trying a lot of little cocktail foods vs a big plate of food. With cocktail foods you can keep going back for more and no one really notices how much you have eaten. 🙂

This is another recipe I decided to try out on our bunco group. I hope they like it. (RESULTS– They were a hit.)

I had really hoped to find fresh figs in the market. I tried a couple of different places but had no luck. One store told me they had tried to get them but at the time they were $30/lb. So for now I’m using these dried figs and decided to drizzle them with a little fig balsamic vinegar. The balsamic and the honey paired great together.

My dad always had figs growing at their place and now my sister has the opportunity to go pick those figs anytime she wants when they are in season. I always wanted to try a fresh Fig Newton cookie with them but that’s still on my “to try” list of things.

The original recipe was just blue cheese spread on baguette slice with two fresh fig halves on top. I decided I would like to use Cambozola cheese (blue and Camembert mixed). I thought that would be too expensive so I bought a box of Camembert and a package of Magtag blue cheese. Not a good decision. I spent probably twice as much on the two cheeses as I would have if I had gone on and bought the Cambozola — live and learn I guess.

I chose to serve this bruschetta at room temperature. It would be good either hot or room temp.

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