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Round Top Sunset Cocktail

As pretty as a Round Top sunset!

I’m one of those people who can hold their alcohol. Normally a few sips of a cocktail and my eyes are blurring and after drinking half a drink my lips are numb. But during these trying times of being quarantined I’ve developed the habit of trying new cocktails around 5:00 in the afternoon. I love anything served in a martini glass and would rather have a cocktail over a glass of wine.

So when I came up with this cocktail one afternoon it turned out to be such a pretty color I decided to call it a Round Top Sunset Cocktail.

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Aviation Cocktail

My favorite cocktail.

Either you love this or not. I happen to love it. I love the floral notes of the creme de violet and of course the purple color.  I’ve started using some of the Empress 1908 gin which is really purple as either all of the gin in this cocktail or part of it. It will make the drink a lot more purple. This gin uses butterfly pea blossoms and that’s where the color comes from.

The Aviation is a classic cocktail made with gin, maraschino liqueur (not the red kind), creme de violet and lemon juice. This cocktail was created by Hugo Ensslin who was head bartender at the Hotel Wallick in Newark back in the early twentieth century and the recipe first showed up in print in 1916. This cocktail is often referred to as a “forgotten classic” but back in the 1990’s young bartenders found the recipe while looking through old cocktail manuals.

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Peaches and Herb Martini

Another cocktail for you to try.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Peggy was over for dinner and we (she) decided to experiment with a cocktail. A little gin and a little peach and we (she) ( I just provided some gin and other essential ingredients) came up with another nice cocktail, Peaches and Herb (herb some from the gin of course).

I can remember my very first martini and it was not a pleasant memory. My husband went to Missouri School of Mines in Rolla, Missouri. He was a Sig Ep and I went up for every party weekend. At the time there were NO girls in school so all the  girls were imported in for parties. Over the years of partying in a really cool old Ozzie and Harriet type fraternity house, it was torn down and they built a tall multi story brick building. No more bar in the basement that looked like a cave. 

We were married his last year and half of college and lived next door in a house the fraternity owned that was called The Cat Lady’s house (whole other story). There was a grand opening for the new frat house and cocktails were served. Since I have never been a beer drinker I decided I would try a martini. It sounded like such a sophisticated cocktail. But I though it was the nastiest thing I’d ever drank; since at the time my drink of choice was a Singapore Sling. 

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