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Chicken Dijon with Parsley Mashed Potatoes

Colonel Sanders move over, this isn’t KFC fried.

Years ago after having my first son, I started working part time at KFC in Louisville, KY. Now I wasn’t slinging hash at one of the storefronts, I worked in the marketing department at the KFC headquarters. I would see the Colonel himself walking the hallways and on occasion our department would get a call and someone was asked to come down and do a tasting of new recipes. I remember sitting in a little stall and someone would push a plate of chicken through a window and I was to taste and answer questions about the product. What a job!

On another occasion we ate at his restaurant, (Claudia Sanders Dinner House) out in Shelbyville, KY. I remember the food being served family style not at all like the KFC you would go in and grab a bucket of chicken to go. Everything here was served family style and I remember feeling like I was sitting in someone’s home. The restaurant burned in 1999 and it has been rebuilt, I think, losing some of its charm. On the particular evening we were there, as we were leaving, The Colonel came to his back porch and waved to the guests leaving his restaurant; I thought that was so cool. It didn’t take much to excite me in those days.

I eventually gave up that job in the marketing department at KFC but never forgot the memories of working there and seeing all the beautiful antiques in the building and occasionally running into The Colonel.

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