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A day at the farmer’s market.

Buying local and fresh is always the best!

Ya know, there is just something about going to a farmer’s market that feels so good. I think I get that feeling because I know I am getting fresh and locally grown food by people who really care about what you are eating.

Years ago, we use to get excited just seeing a farm stand along the highway. We always knew their produce would be the freshest available in the area.

I just finished a book, Summer House, and loved reading about this girl’s farm stand, how all the locals at Nantucket would stop to buy her flower bunches for $70+ and about all her organically grown produce. Reminded me of how excited I get when I go to a Farmer’s Market. I’m looking forward to going to the Boqueria market in Barcelona in September while we are there. The first mention of this market dates back to 1217. I understand from a friend that I will see fruits and vegetables that I have never seen before.  Believe me, I will have camera in hand.

This past spring we were in Chicago visiting our son and daughter-in-law (baby boy arrived YESTERDAY!) and one day we went to the Green City Market in Lincoln Park. It was too early for a lot of the summer vegetables like tomatoes, squash etc. but talk about a variety of vendors! There were people selling homemade crackers, cheese (and even cheese curds), micro greens, veal, tongue, BRAINS, fried donuts, potatoes, PURPLE asparagus, onions, flowers. I love seeing people take their dogs on these outings and there’s always a dish of  water out for the dogs so they have something to drink.

Every Time we go to Austin to visit our other son, his wife and their baby and our daughter we always make a trip to the Barton Creek Farmer’s Market knowing that our dinner that night will be fresh off the farm. We  were there over July 4th weekend. Things for sale that day included, squash blossoms, meats (we bought pork cube steak), butter, breads, corn, flowers, honey, all kinds of peppers, cupcakes (of course we had to have some of those). There were several music groups that entertained during the day.

Our next Thanksgiving (day after) feast theme may be locavore. Everyone will have to bring food for a recipe that is grown within 30 miles of where they live. This should be a fun and interesting meal.


Chicago — Potatoes galore!

Chicago market — Spring onions. I loved the purple ones. We bought some to go in our salad that night.

Austin — loved the colors of the peppers and eggplant.

Chicago — Talk about good crackers.  They even had adult graham crackers. Thin and crispy. If you are like me you are straining to see the brand name.  They are Potter’s Crackers.

Austin — Squash blossoms. I have always wanted to try frying squash blossoms but didn’t buy any this day. I have that on my to-do list.

Chicago — No, that isn’t me mad because I didn’t get my cheese curds.

Chicago — Micro greens. I love these. I put these on burgers, on top of deviled eggs, in salads, just about anything taste better with micro greens. I have about 8 types of micro greens seeds but so far I have not had any luck growing them. I recently ordered a hemp bag that is suppose to be easy to use. Next, I may just try DIRT. (I have tried everything else.)

Chicago — Wheat grass. Isn’t that beautiful. They blended it up for people who wanted a shot of it. Didn’t care for it myself.

All kinds of beautiful flowers for sale in Austin that weekend.

Austin — The most colorful bell peppers I have seen.

Chicago — We were looking for veal chops that day.

Chicago — I love turnips.  Check out my turnip rose I made from a turnip.

Chicago — bought some mixed greens that day for our salad.

Here is a site where you can find locally grown foods.

Hope you enjoyed our trip to the farmer’s market.  I can’t wait for my next visit. Try and visit a local farmer’s market before the summer is gone and you are wondering where all the summer vegetables disappeared to.

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