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Chicken and White Bean Chili

Not your traditional chili. The chicken and white beans are wonderful in this fall favorite.

I love any recipe with white beans listed in the ingredients.  Not to sound like Forrest Gump, but I like white bean hummus, white beans with cornbread, cassoulet (we made a wonderful one the year we did French country dinner theme), Italian Chopped Salad (Giadas’ recipe with white beans), and white bean bruschetta.

Ugly chicken — yes, but it holds a wonderful soup.

There’s a story behind this ugly chicken. As you all know by now, I work at Williams Sonoma part time. We use to sell this Staub chicken. I think it was originally priced at $200 (or close to it). Well, seems like they just sat there looking ugly and I started referring to it as the “ugly chicken”. Just look at her, sitting there with her eyes shut like she’s embarrassed for someone to look at her. 🙂

We have these two customers that come in the store often and they were in the store during one of our big summer sales. I was showing them the Staub chicken and said “this chicken is so ugly, she’s cute” and explained how well the chicken roaster was suppose to cook either on top of the stove or in the oven. On the underside of the lid there are these little bumps that allow condensation to build up and then the moisture drips down on whatever you are cooking to make it tender and juicy. It really works.

Well, they each bought one and by the time they were on sale at our rock bottom price, and with my discount, I paid like $30 for my ugly chicken. I have to say that the ugly chicken cooks wonderfully and I use mine on top of the stove instead of the oven because I like to look at her. We did use it in the oven for our cassoulet  and then served right from the chicken. It was a nice presentation for the dish.


That is a killer bread on the plate with the soup. You just mix some mayo with freshly grated Parmesan cheese, garlic and basil, spread it on the bread and broil it until hot and bubbly.

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