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Watermelon Amuse

Are you amused by a bouche?

Have you ever seen watermelons growing in a field. What a beautiful sight to see all those plump juicy spheres covering acres of farm land. Makes you want to jump out of the car and go grab one.

When we were kids (I’m a twin and I use to refer to us as “we”) our grandfather once took us to the field where one of his trucks was being loaded with watermelons to take to market. This is the same grandfather that took us out into the hay fields to learn to drive while dodging the bales of hay. What fun.

Also the same “papa” who never bought a watermelon or any other produce from a farm stand on the way to Florida vacations without asking for a taste before buying anything. I so want to do that at the store because sometimes what looks like a delicious watermelon turns out to be a disappointment when cut open.

Recently I saw this watermelon cube on . It was sitting alone with a pool of balsamic in the center and I immediately thought why not add a pearl of mozzarella and a tiny basil leaf and have a cute little amuse bouche. An amuse bouche is suppose to be just one bite but it is hard to eat just one of these.

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