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Egg Dishes/ Morning Foods

Eggs Rothko

Easy, beautiful, and delicious!

Have you ever been to a Rothko exhibit or maybe the Rothko Chapel in Houston? Well the first time I saw a group of Rothko paintings was when my oldest son and I went to Houston for the day to visit a few museums. He wanted to show me the Rothko Chapel and I remember my first impression when I walked into the chapel and what I said, “they are all black”.  I mean black on black, black floor, black painted walls. You really needed a flashlight to find your way around the room.

Now, what fun is that. Then when we were in Spain last fall, we went to so many museums and saw just about every famous painting in the world. I remember meandering in and out of rooms and suddenly I’m standing in front of a Rothko painting and thinking to myself – “I know this artist”. Sure enough it was a Rothko. But this painting was not black but all shades of orange to yellow. Even though I love wearing black because I think it’s going to take away a few pounds, I love color and this painting of Rothko was so much more exciting than a whole room of black art.

So what could a black or even an orange painting have to do with this Eggs Rothko recipe. I don’t know, but, a couple of years ago while in NYC we took the subway over to Brooklyn to have breakfast at this tiny little restaurant called The Pig and Egg and had this wonderful egg dish called Eggs Rothko. I wrote down all the ingredients and intended to make it some day and until last week, I totally forgot about wanting to make this.

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