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Banana Split Dessert

Second time around for an old 60’s favorite.

Ya know, I see recipes popping up on Pioneer Woman and use to on Paula Deen’s show that my mother was making back in the 50’s and 60’s. And, on Pinterest I’m always seeing “new” recipes that I remember my mother making. I guess the younger viewers are seeing/testing/tasting these recipes but some of us who have been around a few decades longer have been enjoying these old family favorites for quite a while.

Take this Banana Split Dessert; use to be one of my mother’s dessert recipes she enjoyed making for family and friends. When it comes to banana splits all I remember about that ice cream favorite was that when my sister and I would go to a Dairy Queen or ice cream shop we would ask for a banana split but we only wanted the banana, only vanilla ice cream and no pineapple or strawberry toppings. For us it was chocolate all the way; I guess that really wasn’t a banana split.

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Dessert/ Desserts/ Pies/Tarts

Blackberry Peach Bourbon Cobbler

End of the summer fruits…

Even though summer officially ends on September 22 I feel like we are getting to the end of our fresh berries and peaches and for the rest of the year will just have to take our chances getting a good ripe peach or plump sweet berries of any type.

I love blackberries, I love fresh peaches and I love cobbler. The way my mother and grandmother made cobbler was with pie crust strips on the bottom of the pan, then the fruit and on top of the fruit more pie crust strips and then baked until crisp, no ice cream or whipped cream, just fruit and crust.

While visiting New Orleans a couple of years ago I saw an article hanging on the wall at Willa Jean’s Restaurant about Kelly Field’s Blackberry and Bourbon Cobbler and I knew once again I was going to be searching for that recipe and guess what, it was in one of my old Southern Living magazines.

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Cake/ Dessert

Orange and Almond Angel Food Cake

Simple but elegant. That’s what I think of this recipe.

With Spring here and everyone is thinking of getting into their bikinis, (not me!) lighter desserts are in order. I’m not sure how many people are like me, but I would like to have a bite of something sweet after a meal. Lately, it’s just been fruit, but for Easter I made this cake and it is delightful. I have made this recipe for almost 20 years and am always wondering what we would do without “the incredible edible egg”.

The angel food cake is believed to have originated back in the early 1800’s. The classic story behind the name “angel food cake” is that this dessert is so white, light, and fluffy it must be fit for angels. A traditional angel food cake pan is a tube pan with a removable bottom and when you take the baked cake out of the oven, you turn it upside down on a bottle so it will cool and not collapse.  I also have a heart shaped angel food pan that makes a beautiful cake and you can buy individual angel food cake pans also for small individual cakes.

I envision some pioneer woman with some sugar, flour and egg whites making this cake for the first time. I seem to imagine how I want things to be sometimes. Like going to the movie, if I don’t like the ending, I make up my own ending and I ALWAYS make a sequel.  Same with this cake. Maybe SHE had made egg noodles for her family during the day and had all these egg whites left over and her family was whining for something sweet to eat. Of course she didn’t know how to make a souffle with those egg whites. After all, Julia hadn’t been born yet šŸ™‚ — so she whips up a light and airy dessert for her family.

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