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Stuffed macaroni shells

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Chicken Stuffed Sea Shells

I can smell the sea salt already.

We’re going to Florida this summer and I can’t wait to see what all I can find made with sea shells. Call me crazy but I would love to come back with some little sea shell salt and pepper shakers. I remember going to Florida with our grandparents when we were young and looking for a souvenir to take back to our parents. Back then there was everything under the sun made with shells. I think a set of shakers would look so cute on the table when serving seafood, right along with my Peaugeot lighthouse salt and pepper grinders.

I’ve been trying to come up with kids craft ideas for the beach vacation with all our family. After searching Pinterest and other sites I have come up with some really cute ideas for the little guys to make. I’m hoping when they need a rest from the sun, they can enjoy “craft time with Gran”. There are several crafts I want to make using shell — pasta shells that is.

So that got me thinking about this recipe I did years ago from Mable Hoffmann’s Finger Foods book.  Back then I was reading every book I could about finger foods because that was the types of food I loved making for cocktail parties I catered.

I did this recipe once for a Houston Medical Alliance auxiliary party and I came up with this sauce to drizzle over the shells to kick them up a notch. (Oh no, that sounds like Emeril.) It’s delicious, so I’m giving you the sauce recipe too. You could easily serve this recipe hot but I enjoy it cold just as well and it makes an easy dish you can just pick up to eat at a party.

Thanks to my bunco group for being my guinea pig, again.

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