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Steak with Blue Cheese Sauce

Beef/Veal/ Entree

Beef Filet with Blue Cheese Sauce

And then there was one.

Once upon a time I was cooking for two; then along came the first little Michie boy and I was cooking for three. Three years later came another Michie boy and I found myself cooking for four. To our surprise three years later a baby girl joined the group and we were a family of five.

Years later (hundreds/thousands of meals) as the Family grew, we became five, then six then seven, eight and now adding up all the grand kids and the one joining the clan in April will bring our table to 13.

So one night I found myself cooking for one. How strange is that? My hub was off on a fishing trip for a couple of days (UPDATE: they caught their 25 each limit in 50 minutes) and I could have easily thawed a frozen dinner or gone out for some terrible fast food. Instead, I decided to try this steak recipe that I have had waiting in the wings. Armed with the recipe, I headed to the store to buy the best steak I could find and maybe a bunch of asparagus to go with it; I didn’t know that tenderloin was going to be $25/lb.

What a quite dinner that was. Me in front of the TV eating this wonderful steak wondering what the cooler of fish was going to look like when my husband came home.

I can’t wait for the next family dinner with the table full of family and kids crying, throwing food (not really) spilling milk and having a great time enjoying each other’s company and the stories of what’s going on in their busy lives. The steak was delicious and my mouth waters now just thinking of it but I would have preferred to enjoy the steak with a table full of friends or family.

I love blue cheese and walnuts together and paired with this steak it was so tasty. I added a little blue cheese crumbles to the top along with some chopped walnuts and parsley for garnish.

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