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Seaside Slaw

From the sea to your mouth, yum.

Cafeterias? Buffets? I guess the difference is a buffet you can eat as much as you want and a cafeteria you pay for each little morsel of food you put on your tray. As a kid I remember my grandparents taking us to Piccadilly Cafeteria in Memphis. They always use to say “your eyes are bigger than your stomach” because my sister and I tended to put so much on our trays we couldn’t possibly eat everything. And then along came the buffets.

Normally I don’t like buffets for several reasons. First of all I tend to eat too much; my “eyes are always bigger than my stomach” and I really do hate wasting food. Secondly, I feel like the food is sitting around a little too long and then I’m always thinking that it isn’t quite as good as something ordered off a menu.

On our trip to Beaches at Turks and Caicos this summer I did manage to eat at 20 out of the 21 restaurants on the property. Marios restaurant is probably one of the biggest there but I wasn’t really feeling “Italian” on a hot summer day or night. But, one day we were at the Italian pool on our way to the French pool (8 pools on the property so we had to hustle  to get to them all) and decided to stop in Mario’s and see what they had for their lunch buffet; the biggest antipasto bar I’ve ever seen and tiny little desserts awaited us and I couldn’t wait to dig in. I saw this slaw (and I do love all kinds of slaw/coleslaws) and couldn’t actual tell what was in it until I started picking it apart. Ok, so I’m one of those people that is going to sit and dissect a dish so I can make it once I get home.

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Entree/ Fish/Seafood/ Sandwiches

Shrimp Salad on Puffed Pastry Bread

Don’t you love, crisp, thin, crunchy things?

Ya know how you get an idea stuck in your head and can’t stop thinking about it? Well, I do that all the time. Five or six years ago I was watching one of Giada’s cooking show and she made this turkey sandwich with crisp pieces of puffed pastry. The puffed pastry wasn’t baked the normal way where it gets about two inches high (I am not a fan) but was sandwiched between two baking sheets lined with parchment paper and baked until crisp and brown.

I started thinking about doing this sandwich for a “back to school” post but then what kid is going to take a puff pastry sandwich to school. Maybe same kid that would have a pig roast for his first birthday (grandson Donovan). He might not like puff pastry either but I’m sure you will like this “bread” with either a spread or just put some freshly sliced lunchmeat with some avocado and mayo and have the crunchiest flakiest sandwich ever.

When my kids were in school seems like all they wanted for lunch was either pbj or turkey on white bread of course, plain, no mayo or mustard. When I was growing up my favorite sandwich was probably a thick slice of bologna on white bread with mustard or an egg sandwich made like a toad in a hole but with two slices of bread.

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Entree/ Fish/Seafood/ Salads

Grilled Seafood Salad

 Shrimp and Salmon make the perfect combo in this salad.
I’m one of those people who can never make a decision on almost anything. I second guess everything I do wondering if there is a better way of doing it or, if I’m buying something then I’m thinking there may be something out there I haven’t seen that I will like better. So, I try not to shop. Not one of my favorite things to do — lucky for my husband.

Picking out shrimp is easy. Does one buy 30/40 count, 18/20 count, heads on/off, cooked/uncooked. Now that is easy compared to picking out salmon.

Should I buy farm raised salmon or wild Atlantic salmon. Do I want the whole side so I can make fresh salmon cakes from the left overs or do I want the tail piece which is one of my favorite pieces becauses it gets nice and crispy around the edges. Do I want salmon steaks or better yet do I want steelhead trout which is nice and red like salmon, cheaper by a couple of dollars a pound and has a milder taste than salmon. There’s always canned salmon and even that has options — pink or red.

There’s always smoked salmon which you don’t have to do anything to but open the package, put a little on a cracker with some onion, capers, and boiled egg — instant appetizer.

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Entree/ Fish/Seafood/ Salads

Avocado Shrimp Salad

Cool and easy for a hot summer day.

Our temperatures here in Texas get really close to 100° on most summer days, and I don’t like hot weather and can hardly wait each evening to get in the pool with a glass of wine and a noodle to float on, and that is the best part of the day.

To me, it’s a challenge to try and come up with recipes to cook in warmer months that don’t involve me standing in the kitchen all day over a hot stove (ha, not going to happen). Lucky me, my husband loves grilling and smoking things outside. So, come summer, he is stocking up on charcoal, and woods like apple, cherry, hickory, and alder. He does absolutely the best salmon I’ve ever had and his pulled pork is the best I’ve tasted here in Texas. So, I am not putting him to work for this dish — no smoking involved.

So, if you are looking for something lighter for a lunch, brunch or dinner, try this Avocado Shrimp Salad recipe. It’s quick and really easy, and maybe make some of my Thyme Onion and Chive Muffins to go with it.

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