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Impossible Ham and Cheese Pie

Not so impossible!

Aren’t you always looking for a new recipe to try out on company? Whether they are family or friends, this is easy and won’t have you up before dawn preparing this yummy treat.

I can just look at the picture above and it gets my mouth-watering. The taste of the melty cheese, the onions and the tiny pieces of ham is what your dreams will be made of when you preparing your breakfast menus for the weekend. Top the impossible pie with some salsa for an extra tang and you have a great breakfast dish.

This recipe can be changed up so many ways; try different cheeses, serve it for brunch, lunch or “breakfast for dinner”, add some jalapeños to the filling. I changed the flour to a King Arthur Gluten Free blend and could not tell it was not made with “real” flour. So, if there are any of you eating gluten-free because you have to or because you want to, try substituting a GF blend; you will be amazed at the results. (A few weeks ago, my grandson, Milo asked me “Gran do you eat gluten-free things because you want to or because you have to?”) The answer is I don’t have to but when I can substitute something gluten-free as the flour in this recipe, I will give it a try.

The Impossible Pie appeared first back in 1968 and was popularized by General Mills and General Foods to help promote their products in making this pie. There are sweet versions and savory version. Just Google “Impossible Pie” and you will be amazed at the different recipes that will come up.

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