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Santa Maria-Style Trip Tip

Beef/Veal/ Entree

Santa Maria-Style Tri Tip with Salsa

Just in time for your Labor Day cookout.

Have you ever come across a beef tri-tip in the market and didn’t know what to do with it? I have to admit I don’t think I have ever heard of it (or don’t remember) until last year and my son, Scott who lives in Chicago mentioned buying one and after seeing how juicy and delicious his looked I was then on the lookout for that particular cut of meat.

Then back at Easter, son, Paul cooked one for a house full of Sunday brunch guest. He served his as an appetizer to his pulled pork he had cooking on the grill. I got to taste his and it was juicy, medium rare and tasted like a great piece of steak.

Santa Maria-Style barbecue is a culinary tradition rooted in the Santa Maria Valley in Santa Barbara County (this from Wikipedia) and dates back to the 19th century and centers around the beef tri-tip, seasoned and grilled over coals. Read the above link for more information.

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