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Salads with Blue Cheese


Baby Blue Salad

All I can say is yum!

Baby blue eyes, baby blues? Or it could also be a color of paint or the color of the sky. But in this case, it is a Baby Blue Salad which will either make your baby blue eyes twinkle or make your baby blues go away.

All three of my kids have the bluest, blue eyes I have ever seen. Four out of our five grandsons, Milo, Charlie, Donovan and Thomas inherited those same sparkling blue eyes; and Oliver has eyes the color of chocolate with specks of hazelnuts and espresso and they sparkle just the same. And, what can I say about all these boys but they are the most special thing in our lives.

I love just about any kind of salad and I use to like salad a lot better in restaurants than when I would make them at home; but over the last several years I have ventured out and tried all different sorts of salads and dressings. I have quit buying bottled salad dressing and just whip up something quick with a flavored olive oil and a flavored balsamic vinegar. My new favorite oil which I just bought in Austin is a Mandarin Orange Olive Oil and a grapefruit white balsamic vinegar; the two mixed together with no other ingredients make a wonderful dressing.

This recipe is pretty simple and very colorful with all the fruit in it and the spiced pecans are an extra bonus. If you want to turn this into a main dish salad, add a grilled ribeye steak cut into strips; I then call this salad Black and Blue.

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