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Roasted Onions

Side dish

Roasted Onions with Cheese Topping

I love onions, just about anyway you cook them.

One Sunday (football) afternoon my hub asked for burgers and guacamole for the playoff game he was going to watch.  I still had some of my smash burger meat I had bought at the Neon Pig in Tupelo back in the summer. I’ve been hoarding it as I usually do when I find something I really like. They call this the “smash grind” mash grind and is made from aged filet, ribeye, new york strip, sirloin, and benton’s bacon. rich and smokey, and they say the best burger in the world which is served with homemade hoisin and comeback sauces.

So the burgers were going to be easy to make and the guacamole I could make in my sleep. I had a gigantic sweet onion I had just bought so I gave him the option of onion rings or sautéed onions. Since he said sautéed, I decided to roast the whole onion and add a few extra ingredients to make them even better.

This was a huge onion and I would recommend using small onions to do this recipe. I had the “giant” so decided to use it since I knew we were not having a lot of other things on the menu and we both love onions.

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