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Red Chard

Side dish

Red Chard and Pine-nuts

Red and green delicious.

Hobbling around the farmer’s market one weekend a few months ago I came upon this table piled full of beautiful kale, chard, and mustard greens. My first thought was of the Swiss Chard I had seen in France back in the Spring and how after returning home I prepared it for the first time and loved it. I think every time I eat chard I will think of the markets of France and how we could just go steps out our apartment and buy anything we wanted for the evening meal.

I was really hoping to find some rainbow chard but this was going to have to do and it turned out great.

Why have I never tried cooking or even eating chard or for that matter, turnip greens, kale or any of those other unusual (to me) large leafy green vegetables. It wasn’t because I didn’t grow up with seeing my mother and grandmother do them all. I guess back then I turned my nose up at a lot of things that I now enjoy.

Next time you are in the market and pushing that basket around trying to come up with something new to prepare for dinner remember this CHARD and give it a try.

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