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Bacon and Avocado Quesadilla with Egg

Who says quesadillas have to be round anyway!

Just because I don’t have a pair of cowboy boots or don’t own a horse or even a ten gallon hat doesn’t mean I have not been around the stables a few times when it comes to whipping up some good Tex-Mex/Mexican food and this recipe just happens to be for breakfast.

Living in Texas for the past 26 years has made me somewhat of an almost Texan with some pretty good Mexican recipe skills. I like my guacamole hot, my taco shells thin and crisp (only the corn ones Crisp) and I like my beans a little tipsy instead of mashed.

All three of our kids went to UT in Austin and three out of five of our grandsons were born in Texas. We have eaten at so many Mexican restaurants over the years that I can tell from their salsa and chips if we are going to enjoy their food.

I love my pasole soup made with pulled pork and hominy and my homemade tamales are almost as good as my sister’s. I’ve been experimenting with some shrimp nachos recently and a few other types of Mexican treats with a Sherry spin on them; so when I recently came across a bacon and avocado quesadilla on a menu from E & O Food and Drink restaurant in Chicago, I knew I was going to have to give It my Tex-Mex-Sherry tweak.

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