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Potato and Arugula Salad

I do declare! This is one of the best and simplest salads I have ever made.

As I have said before, I love arugula. Never thought of putting it in potato salad before but, believe me, this works.

I think I could live on potatoes. We probably eat potatoes about twice a month now that all my kids have moved on and left the nest. Seems like all three of our kids were pretty picky eaters when they were growing up. They would eat meat, potatoes, “box” mac and cheese, hardly anything green but fried okra and green beans.  They have since outgrown that and have now developed an appetite for good food, good wine and a love for cooking and trying different things.


Who would know that these boiled little potatoes could turn into a fantastic, peppery salad.


If you have never tried arugula, run, don’t walk to your nearest market and buy some. Put it on sandwiches, burgers, in salads, use it in appetizers, and main dishes. I think you will fall for it like I did.

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