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Pork Fries with White Bar-B-Q Sauce

You say “white” bar-b-q sauce!

How do you like your fries? I like mine with mustard instead of ketchup. Some people eat cheese fries, chili fries, loaded fries or even milk gravy on their fries. While in France a few years ago, every afternoon we stopped for frites and wine.

Now, these are not your normal fries. Far from it because they are not even made from potatoes; they are made from pork and I guess, in a way they look like chicken-fried anything — but I’m calling them fries.

If you grew up where we did, pork was the king of bar-b-q meats and just about the only type of bar-b-q you ate was some kind of pork.

I’m sure these days there’s some chicken, sausage, and brisket thrown in now and then but never beef until we moved to Texas; and Texans do love their beef brisket. The last few years I’ve been seeing more and more pulled pork showing up on menus and it must be the influx of southerners moving to Texas that caused Texans to start lovin their pulled pork.

In our home town (Caruthersville, MO) you know where to find the good bar-b-q (Carmean’s). If you live anywhere close to me there’s only one place for bar-b-q and that’s my house with my husband at the smoker.

When it comes to sauce red sauce (bbq sauce) was the only type of sauce to go on bar-b-q or so I thought until eating these “fries” with white bbq sauce.

I love telling you (if there’s anybody out there listening) about restaurants we visit. WELL, here’s another one. While in Nashville a couple of years ago with my sister, we visited the Urban Grub restaurant. We loved it from the minute we walked in, but, I will have to say my shrimp and grits were better than their’s.

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