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Poblano Pepper Soup


Creamy Chicken Poblano Pepper Soup

A delightfully warming soup for a cold winter’s day.

Are you having a cold, bone chilling day? Want to just turn off the lights, light a fire in the fireplace and curl up with a blanket and a good bowl of soup and glass of wine? The day I made this soup that is the type day we were having — today it’s 76° here in our part of Texas.

I came across this soup recipe quite a few years ago; back when a friend of mine and I thought we wanted to open a tea room and I envisioned serving this soup in small cups along with some tiny little finger sandwiches and other savories. Am I ever glad I got that out of my head; we would have been working 24/7 and I would not have had a minute to do anything else.

Making soups has become an obsession with me; like my Winter White Vegetable Soup that I had on vacation in Mexico one year. I looked for two years trying to come up with a recipe before stumbling on one from England that I’m sure some little grey-haired lady living in a quaint little cottage posted one dreary, rainy afternoon. After making my changes, I feel like I matched or surpassed the soup I had in Mexico.

Then there was the Egg Flower Soup we had once while on a ski trip in Park City, UT. The soup was nothing more than egg drop soup but there were tiny miniature corn slices floating in the soup which looked just like little flowers. I added some shreds of fresh spinach to an egg drop soup recipe, a tiny bit of minced chicken and went to the salad bar at the local grocery and bought 2 tiny ears of corn (didn’t want to waste money on a whole can) and created a great little soup. (You can try that one without a recipe).

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