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Peruvian Grilled Chicken

The best rotisserie chicken you will ever eat!

This is my second time making this recipe and couldn’t wait to try it out for Memorial Day and I loved it even more.

I’ve never been to Peru but I know if we were there we would be eating this Peruvian Pollo a la Brasa (blackened chicken) probably at some little cafe in the heart of the city. Maybe we will have to go there and try this dish first hand.

This recipe comes from Great Lakes Better Food website. I have no idea how I happened upon it; maybe when I was looking for chicken recipes to do in our new outdoor kitchen that is in the process of being built.

The spices in this recipe took a little tracking down; I found the Aji Amarillo paste at Whole Foods, the achiote seasoning at a small Mexican grocery (although I later found at our HEB) and the huacatay paste (black mint) on Amazon. (All of these can be bought on Amazon.) Believe me, this recipe is worth all that trouble. And besides, my husband did the hard work of cooking the chickens.

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