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Hummingbird Cupcakes

Ever wonder why this cake is called hummingbird cake?

I did a little research and found that this recipe first appeared in Southern Living magazine in 1976 by a Mrs. Wiggins. But the cake also has Jamican roots. Dr. Bird (hummingbird) is the national bird of Jamica and supposedly a passenger on the Jamican Airlines received this Hummingbird Cake (Doctor Cake) recipe back in the 60’s.  Maybe that was back when airlines served real food and not those little mini turkey/ham sandwiches that we get now when we fly (if you even get that). Or, maybe it gets it’s name from the Hummingbird and the fact that they are drawn to intenstly sweet food sources, and once their appetites are sated they quickly move on. Wherever this recipe came from it is a keeper and will quickly disappear (just like the hummingbird) when you serve it at your next party.

I was so hoping to snap a picture of a hummingbird in our back yard (we see them all the time) with my new zoom lens. Haven’t seen one in a few days though but I plan on posting one soon.

Recently, I made these little cupcakes for a Jimmy Buffet pre concert party I catered. I thought they fit perfect with the tropical theme. They also freeze beautifully. I topped these with my dried pineapple flowers.

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