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Grown-Up Parmesan Fish Sticks

Any fish is a hit in this house.

When I was growing up (I keep asking myself, am I there yet?) seems like our family ate  a lot of fish. My dad was the best fisherman around and whether it was catfish, crappie, an occasional turtle (not fish of course) or a big platter of frog legs (again not fish but came out of the water), we had plenty of it and my mother knew just how to make it finger licking good.  Her catfish was always in cornmeal and the crappie were always dipped in egg then flour and fried until it was “fluffy” as my daughter still calls it today and of course the other things like frog and turtle were done to perfection as well. One day I will do a frog leg post because I have a hilarious story to tell.

Our mother was a stay at home mom and was always there for us. (I have a twin sister so you will probably always here me refer to myself as “we”, “us”, or “our” — that’s just the way it is.) She cooked lunch for our dad almost everyday and had something on the table just in time for him to walk through the door in the evening and say “What’s for dinner?”. Believe it or not, on occasion, she would pull out a package of Gordon’s Fish sticks for my sister and me and our little brother. Wow, can you believe those little sticks have been around since 1849. Now I never really think of these as “real food” because no telling what goes into a package (any brand) of fish stick; read the label the next time you are in a grocery, you will be surprised at the ingredients. Maybe you were one of those kids that were forced to eat fish sticks in the lunchroom on Fridays during lent and you still have a bad taste in your mouth just thinking about those little sticks all covered with ketchup .

These homemade fish sticks are made from fresh sliced fish (not minced) and all the ingredients can be pronouned. Now it is up to you whether you fry them or bake them.

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