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Good Hair Day Pasta

Entree/ Poultry

Chicken with Pesto and Bowtie Pasta

Easy to make with a rotisserie chicken!

Recently I bought this beautiful bow tie pasta made by Good Hair Day. Don’t ask me why any food product would have “hair” in the description of any product but the packaging was pretty cool. Beautiful girl with long hair and the clear opening of part of the package where her hair is has the pasta shape showing through. This pasta retained its beautiful color after cooking and there’s nothing more I like than color.

It’s been a while since I have posted a recipe. We are in our new house and after two weeks of unpacking we have about 95% of things put away. Organizing all that stuff will come later.

My daughter came to help one weekend and even though there were still a few boxes and pictures around that had not be put away or hung we cooked our first meal in our new kitchen. I have not read any of the manuals to my new equipment and I just guessed on some of the new features on the double ovens which are suppose to proof, air fry, dehydrate, convection and steam; I’ll read them on some rainy day.

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