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Cobb Deviled Eggs

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Cobb Deviled Eggs

Who doesn’t like deviled eggs any way you make them!

I’m taking back everything I ever said about not messing with deviled egg recipes. I once said “leave those creamy, mustardy, traditional eggs alone”. They just want to live out a peaceful existence as a simple side dish, snack, or appetizer that has the love of almost everyone who has ever eaten one.

WRONG. Why not mess with the recipe anyway you want. I’ve had deviled egg recipes that have mashed avocado as part of the filling, a recipe with shrimp on top (didn’t like that one) and some that have salsa on top, but I have a tendency to go with two kinds of mustard, mayo, salt and pepper and sometimes a little sweet or dill relish and then stick half a stuffed green olive in the top. No one ever turns them down how ever I stuff them. For my grandson’s first birthday, to go with the pig roast, I did deviled eggs and garnished the top with sugar snap pea sprouts that were all curly and cute.

So back to the cobb part of this recipe. I saw this on a menu at a local Houston restaurant. Not sure how they did theirs but I knew exactly how I was going to make my eggs.

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