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cilantro slaw


Cilantro Slaw

Slaw, slaw, slaw. What can I say?

I plopped this into my herb garden for a quick picture before I put the dressing on. I don’t have cilantro growing right now but do plant it in the spring. 

Slaw is one of those things that you can put with any meal or make a meal of it by topping with some chopped BBQ (my daughter and I use to do this for a quick lunch). Slaw is basically shredded cabbage with maybe some carrot thrown in or anything that suits your fancy from fruit to jicama. Just the word “slaw” doesn’t really tell you what is inside the salad does it? You would think that anything called “slaw” would have shredded cabbage as it’s main ingredient. But what about “broccoli slaw”, and I’m sure there are a lot of other variations out there that I have never heard of.

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