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Sichuan Red Chili Chicken

Some like it HOT!

Back in May we were in Austin to babysit the new grandson, Frankie and his brother, Thomas, while his parents went to a Derby party one night and a wedding the next night. It easy taking care of a two month old because he couldn’t crawl and get into stuff or get up and run all over the house with Gran tailing him to make sure he didn’t get hurt. All Frankie did was lay there and look cute while his big brother did all the other stuff.

One night we ordered Chinese and our SIL told us about one of his favorites from this restaurant which was fried chicken (a lot smaller than I made mine), breaded, fried and then covered with these fried hot pepper pieces. He warned us that it was almost 50/50 ratio of chicken vs hot peppers. The pepper wasn’t crushed red pepper but the whole dried peppers you buy in the produce section and then broken up into small chunks. At first we thought we were just eating chicken skin because the pieces were so tiny but soon realized that it was indeed chicken pieces with skin cut into tiny pieces maybe 1/2″ thin pieces and fried until crisp and then heaped high with hot peppers.

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Entree/ Poultry

Chinese Orange Chicken

AND THE WINNER IS…. (see below for “giveaway” winner.

I made cauliflower rice with this dish but any kind of rice would be wonderful.

Chungah at blog uses simple fresh ingredients to make elegant easy meals. She had two chicken recipes I found interesting so I merged them into one. I love eating Chinese food and I use to make it more often. I have been wanting to use some of the beautiful chop sticks (washable ones, of course) that I ordered for a friend’s ‘China Going Away Party’ a year ago and I thought this recipe with its larger cuts of chicken would work great with my little sticks of art.

One of Chungah’s recipe is fried and the other is baked. I made the chicken nuggets as suggested in Baked Honey Garlic Chicken but liked the ingredients in the Chinese Orange Chicken. So, I took pieces of each recipes and changed the technique to suit what I wanted the outcome to be — a non-fried Chinese Orange Chicken.

Dam Delicious has some beautiful recipe and you should spend a little time over at her site looking at some of her things. She definitely inspired me to cook up some Asian flavors.

Update: So, I’m hoping this new recipe card format is working out. Looks like you can leave a comment for the blog (which is at the bottom of the post) or if you try the recipe you can leave a comment or review about the recipe. Hope you will try both.

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