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Scotch Eggs

Move over dull dry scrambled eggs.

I have made it clear in the past how I feel about plain old, curdley, dry, hospital tasting scrambled eggs.  I am not a fan. I do love egg dishes for breakfast or even dinner and I have posted several recipes here that are now favorites, like my Ham and Egg Brunch Cups, Shirred Eggs with Kale, Souffled Cheddar Egg Nest and the Eggs Benedict with a twist.

Amazing things can be done with a plain ordinary egg so why should anyone every be forced to eat a scrambled egg for breakfast. For instance, throw in a little tomato, cheese, green onions and a little crushed up tortilla chips and serve with some salsa or pico and you have Migas.

Boil an egg, peel it, wrap some uncooked breakfast sausage around it, dip in beaten egg, roll in some bread crumbs and then fry it and you have a Scotch egg. It is so pretty when you cut it open to serve. Add a little fruit on the plate and a good muffin or cinnamon roll and you have a great start to the day.

Scotch Eggs are claimed to be invented by Fortnum & Mason department store in London in 1738. They are usually considered a picnic food and eaten cold. (I like them hot out of the frying pan.) In the US these are served hot with dipping sauces like ranch dressing, hot sauce or hot mustard sauce.

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