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Fried Avocado with Egg

A new brunch idea.  

Sometimes I wonder if there isn’t something better I can do with my time than sit around and try to think up a new recipe. For years, I have just opened a cookbook or magazine and just prepare the first thing that looked or sounded good.

After all the kids flew the nest, I got lazy and would just throw together something from ingredients I might have in the refrigerator, freezer or pantry. How hard could it be to throw together a stir-fry, not that difficult. Over the last several years, however, I have loved trying to replicate a recipe that I have had in a restaurant or something I have seen on TV.

Sometimes it only takes a glance of food being prepared that gets me to thinking about my take on something I saw.  So, I was watching Top Chef one night and vaguely saw an avocado that was cut in half lengthwise with the peeling left on it and they cracked an egg into the center and then I don’t know what they did with the avocado because I missed that part of the show. I would assume they baked it. All night, I tossed and turned thinking about this egg dish I wanted to make. Isn’t that a ridiculous thing to do over an egg; there must be more important things to toss and turn about.

After an endless night’s sleep, what I came up with was I would half the avocado, cut in 3/4″ slices, dip in flour, egg and then Panko bread crumbs, pan fry it, put on a cookie sheet and crack a small egg into the center and then proceed to bake just to the right doneness so the egg will ooze it’s goodness all over the avocado when pierced with a fork. I’m thinking of a garnish creme fraiche and maybe a little Pico de Gallo would be nice.

Things didn’t turn out exactly as I thought. For one thing small/medium size eggs are no longer available; and I knew the large egg was going to be too big. So I cracked the egg in a dish first and tried to take out some of the egg white. I did one avocado this way, then I poached the other egg. I think the poaching probably worked better because then there is no need to try and bake the egg to the perfect doneness, but it wasn’t as pretty as the first one.  The taste of the fried avocado with the soft cooked egg was great. I fried a flour tortilla to use as a base for the avocado/egg and it was good for sopping up the yolk. Don’t get me started on “sopping” because my husband hates sopping of any kind.  I guess he just does like experiencing those last little bites/dippings/smears of something so delectable on a plate that you just have to grab something and “sop it up). Hey, it’s better than licking your fingers.

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