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Chicken, Asparagus and Pasta Soup

Soups on!

A good soup recipe is something I’m always up for trying. Growing up I remember delicious stews and chilis but those are really the only soups I remember. My grandmothers chili was great and I always loved how small she could get her ground beef chopped up. She must have stood for an hour making it. My mothers chili started with Chili-O seasoning pack and then she added her own ingredients. Now when it comes to my chili my husband use to say it never tasted the same twice. Over the years the only chili I have been able to make and like is using Wick Fowler’s 2 Alarm Chili seasoning; and of course I like beans and a bunch of other add ons to my chili.

What’s good about making a good chicken soup is that you can add just about any vegetable to it and it will be delicious. Even though we are having a cold front here in my part of Texas right now, Spring isn’t far away and asparagus will be plentiful in the grocery. Of course we can get asparagus years around but something about Spring makes me start thinking of asparagus recipes.

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Side dish

Grilled Asparagus with Egg and Bacon

Let’s hear it for St. Pat’s and a green vegetable recipe.

First day of Spring is March 20 but I couldn’t wait to make this recipe using one of Springtime’s favorite vegetables.

And, besides, it’s St. Pat’s Day and I had to do something green. Back in my husband’s college days at University of Missouri-Rolla St. Pat’s Day was a really big deal. Everyone started growing their beards months in advance for the big green holiday. At the time I would say the majority of the campus was engineers; so you imagine what their floats looked like, all mechanical with a different theme each year. I even remember one year stuffing tissue paper in the float to help. The fraternity he was in served up green milk, green mashed potatoes, green beer; you name it, it was colored green.

So, what would St. Patty’s Day be without a green vegetable.

I happened up on this recipe after I download a new app “Tasting Table”. On that site I read about bar food not to miss….. and Dirty Habit in San Francisco was one of them and I found this recipe from one of the chefs on the site. This is Chef David Bazirgan’s recipe and the sauce is his take on a gribiche sauce. A sauce gribiche is a mayonnaise-style cold egg sauce in the French cuisine. David did his version of a deconstructed gribiche and I really like the results which look much better than pictures I saw of a gribiche sauce which has pickles in it.

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