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Almond Joy Candies

A chocolate fix for anyone who loves chocolate!

Isn’t this beautiful. Hand dipped chocolates! Yum!

Here’s a new candy recipe for your collection. I have always loved Almond Joy candy bars. My only complaint was that you only got two almonds on top of each piece. I only put one almond in each of these, but since you are the candy maker, you can hide a few extra down in the filling if you feel the urge. Be sure to make a few of these for Valentine’s Day. I did, but I gave them away since I have sworn off sweets (and a lot of other stuff) for 21 days.

A great little afternoon treat. A cup of hot chocolate or sipping chocolate would hit the spot on a cold Valentine’s Day.

Do you remember Valentine’s Day when you were a little kid looking for the perfect container to turn into a Valentine Box for your school party. I remember gathering up rows of crepe paper and making ruffles and gluing them around a shoe box, cutting a hole in the top and taking it to school and eagerly awaiting for valentines to be dropped in. I remember the red punch, the cupcakes with red and pink frosting, the little hard candy hearts with “Be My Valentine” printed on them. I remember the first heart shaped box of chocolates my husband gave me when I was 15. Now I get flowers. Much less fattening. 🙂

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